R.A.M. Challenge

R.A.M. logo by Jime BarkerRec Arts Mystery eller R.A.M. är en härlig nyhetsgrupp där det framförallt diskuteras kriminallitteratur, men där man även kunde hitta heta politiska debatter. R.A.Mmare ligger bakom många informativa webbsidor och bloggar. På R.A.M. kunde du råka ut för att det inlägg du skrivit om en bok besvarades av författaren till samma bok.

En dag fick vi en utmaning:

Pick a RAMmer (including yourself) any RAMmer . . .

Pick a crime: serial killer, bank robbery, casino scam, murder of family member, kidnapping of family member, missing friend, falsely accused of murder, poison in the punch, embezzlement, piracy, computer hacking, art theft, jewelry theft, lost in the woods, revenge to be obtained . . .

Pick a set of characters: Myron &Win, Elvis & Pike, Patrick & Angie, Dalziel & Pascoe, Ben Cooper & Diane Fry, Charlie ”Bird’ Parker & Louis and Angel, , Tony Hill & Carol Jordan, Spenser & Hawk, Kathy Kolla & David Brock, Holmes & Watson, Nero Wolfe & Archie, Nick & Nora Charles, Peter Wimsey & Harriet Vane, Lydia Chin and Bill Smith, Jason and Martin and Robert, Stephanie Plum and Lula, Mac and Annabel Smith, Meg Langslow and Michael, Qwuilleran and Koko and YumYum . . .

Pick a setting: New York City, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Tasmania, London, Sweden, Anchorage, on a cruise ship, Barcelona, Venice, Paris, Edinburgh, Atlanta, in a college dorm, in a police station, in a small Midwestern town, on a
ranch in Texas, Toronto, Montreal, on a farm in Wisconsin . . .

Pick an author: Dennis Lehane, Laura Lippman, Jane Haddam, Katy Munger, Don Harstad, Mark Billingham, Stephen Booth, Andrew Vachss, John Baker, Harlan Coben, Jerome Doolittle, James W. Hall, Barry Maitland, Janet Evanovich, Patricia Cornwell, Tess Gerristen, Karin Slaughter . . .

Now, tell us who you picked to star in your book (RAMmer plus characters) with what plot (crime) taking place in what setting, written by which author.

BONUS POINTS: Write the book jacket copy for the book.

Det här är vad jag skrev:

Too Many Trees

By Harlan Coben

Ever since a blood test revealed Jen-4 doesn’t share DNA with any other Jordan she has been trying to find her own origin. Her mother swears she gave birth to her, but how is that possible when the DNA doesn’t match? In her search she discovers there are other women bearing an eerie resemblance to herself; Jens 1 through 3. The clues point to Sweden and a progressive scientist. As she tries to find his hidden research compound she gets lost in the woods. After days without food she stumbles on a cabin. The two men in the cabin claims to be Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.

Are the men delusional mental institution escapees? Or has the mad professor actually cloned Holmes and Watson? Will they help her find the professor and solve the mystery of her origin? How many more Jens are there? Will one of them give her the badly needed bone marrow transplant? Will they find their way out of the woods?

‘Harlan Coben. He’s smart, he’s funny, and he has something to say’ Michael Connelly

‘Set over two continents, this engrossing thriller explores a theme popular in crime fiction: the false goose chase, the many trees obscuring the view of the forest. This is a tense, well written novel with some great wisecracks’ The Sunday Times

From rec.arts.mystery:

Warning: Spoilers
I thought the scientist being a plastic surgeon and the upsetting blood test only a hospital error was a huge disappointment after such a riveting book. There’s just too much of a coincidence that Jen-4 would bump into those women looking like her right after getting the result of the blood test. And I still think she was a smart enough woman to have checked that there was no mistake made with the blood test before running after all those other clues. To Sweden for heaven’s sake. Who goes there?


Och här är några som handlade om mig:

From: ”Jr@Ease”

Don Harstad, in a departure from his Midwest police procedurals, has penned a stand alone featuring Katarina, at wits ends in the employment department, who tries her hand finding alternative sources of remuneration, by setting up an intricate casino scam on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Just as the scam is about to go down, Charlie ”Bird” Parker, on a well-deserved vacation, after solving a gruesome serial killing spree in the Maine backwoods, stumbles on the nefarious plot. Bird realizes, after a vivid dream, that Katarina is more than the simple Swedish ex-librarian she’s posing as, and with the help of Angel and Louis, (who have taken jobs with cruise ship security after threats to sink the ship are received by the cruise line) he thwarts not only the plot to sink the ship, but the evil Katarina’s casino scam, with only the loss of half the ships passengers. The company insuring the cruise line files for bankruptcy.

John P


From: CarleenML

I’m sorry. I’m going to have to sue you for plagiarism. On behalf of John Baker, who already wrote a stand-alone about Katarina, at wits end in the employment department, heading off to Minneapolis to throw her hat in the air and ”make it after all” with a job at Mary F’s company, but is first falsely accused of a casino scam on a Great Lakes gambling ship that she stumbled aboard while reading and not paying attention to stupid American street signs but where Patrick and Angie, thank heavens, are currently vacationing, regrouping, napping…and thank the Gods and Mr. Grant for their presence, because they prove her innocence, thereby allowing Katarina to continue turning the world on with her smile and taking a nothing day and suddenly making it all seem worthwhile.

Om du är intresserad av att läsa fler lösningar hittar du dem på Books’nBytes, där du också kan hitta mängder av bokrecensioner, kåserier och annat roligt.

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